Kim and Kevin Powell Discuss the Tragedy of Trayvon Martin [AUDIO]

trayvon emmittBlack teens killed in America has become such a routine occurrence, that absent a personal connection to the victim, we have a tendency to tune out such tragic news.  We can’t do that to Trayvon Martin. On the night of February 26th (same night as the NBA All-Star Game), Trayvon was walking back to his father’s house when he was shot and killed by the a member of the neighborhood watch.  He was unarmed and was carrying Skittles and iced-tea.  This young man lost his life in a tragic way, but more pain is being inflicted upon the Martin family because their son’s killer has not yet been charged.

kevin powell 2Kevin Powell is a well-respected author and activist.  His piece on this case is in The Guardian, and it’s a must read. He joined me on the show to talk about Trayvon, the perilous existence of black males in America, and the eerie resemblance this case has to Emmett Till.

Part 1:

The historical criminalization of men of color, the long history of domestic terrorism towards people of color in America, and how unrecognized racism has proved fatal for innocent people.


Part 2:

George Zimmerman’s connection to law enforcement, the resignation of Sanford police chief Bill Lee, and the role privilege plays in this case.

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